Bringing glamour to life on a grand scale, I put a dash of gold here and there that renders the rooms their much-deserved wow factor. To further enhance the aura of grandeur, I added hand painted chi- noiserie accent, wall and wood paneling, intricate lace details and marble to the suc- culent décor. With its Palazzo style, guests are transported to the Italian Renaissance and the Romantic era. The interior design celebrates the marriage of femininity and masculinity with a plush gentleman’s quar- ter to balance the ambiance of the house. 



Vivianne Faye’s style has evolved from classic to country to modern to glammed-up look but the hallmarks of her designs remain: detailed, sophisticated, vibrant, richly layered and customized with glam factor.



Trading uniformity for diversity, the heart of this residence lies in the unpredictable melange of eras and styles. It is a melting pot of furniture that are individually distinct but when choreographed together, create a harmonious and well-composed milieu. You will easily succumb to the opulence of the exquisitely furnished rooms that evoke understated elegance. Attention to detail is evident in the corridor with its designed passageway; the gentlemen’s quarter with its wine storage & library; the sink & faucet in the powder room that are more akin to jew- elry than hardware; the silk and wool carpet, which I designed; the underside pro le of the staircase; and the grand foyer baroque console, with the oor design complement- ing the painting. 


“Things don’t have to be perfect. I can live with aws or imperfections. No one is perfect and likewise, nothing is perfect.”



Sculptural and textural, this residence is a modern take on American style. The chal- lenge was to incorporate details in this huge, 13-meter-high abode.The main door, sculpted by Rita Widagdo, sets the tone for the enchantment and panache. I created a crisp and clean palette and backdrop for the owner’s evolving art collection, which consists of precious chinoiseries, antique vases and paintings. The accessories and furniture were carefully curated and kept subtle so as to not compete and steal the spotlight from the main focus—the own- ers’ vast and varied objets d’arts. 





This residence celebrates the chic azure palette in all its splendor. A sculptural wall complements the owners’ classic art col- lection amassed over centuries and across continents. Although the furniture items and accessories are kept low key to allow the artworks to take center stage, they are as important as the art pieces they elevate. 


The interior designer is also known for infusing spaces with geometric and organic, as well as textural juxtapositions that are bold, fearless and with great air. She brings about the unex- pected in surroundings that are “curated”, rather than “decorated”.



They say less is more, but sometimes more is more! With a skilled eye, a mélange of diverse styles still manage to concoct a coor- dinated look. The rooms are imbued with silver accent, while the statement staircase is crowned by a hand-painted silver- nish oval dome. Meticulous in details, one will nd a sculptural console in the foyer that appears more like artwork than a piece of furniture. The stylistic use of lighting does more than just brighten the formal dining area but transformed the space entirely.The intricate marble works, the Sicis mosaic, and the ornamental curtain tassels adorned with clusters of precious stones, added to my sig- nature touch of femininity. 


“Equally comfortable in both traditional and contemporary styles, she crafts interiors that embrace modernity, yet respectful of the past.”



My glamorganic style marries nature-in- spired furnishings and sophistication to create captivating, yet relaxing spaces with an Eastern vibe. I traded my usual element, gold, for wood in this project. Residents commune with nature in the courtyard koi pond and the vertical garden. The objects infuse natural elements and colors, such as the bamboo legs of the vanity in the powder room; the 3.8 meters dining table made from solid Makassar ebony; the rat- tan furniture in the terrace; the tiger’s eye quartzite borders on the ooring; the hun- dred-knot-per-square-inch silk carpet; the nely crafted wood wall paneling—all lead to design that are re ned and functional. 


“Her breadth of work spans a diverse range of high-pro le residential and commercial projects here and abroad for an impressive roster of A-list clientele.”



This French-American-inspired residence is home to a circa-1400 tapestry that is the pièce de résistance of the room. A suede- covered wall paneling mutes the sound from the outside and as you walk through the dark foyer, you will be enveloped by a sense of serenity. The same is true for the bedroom, where you will be enclosed in coziness by the soft, padded backdrop and canopy. Comfort and style—the best of both worlds—can be enjoyed as you soak in the top-of-the-line hand-forged stainless steel silver bathtub from Java.



Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 11.46.39 PM.png
“”I prefer things that are rich in history and culture, as well as avant garde objects that add a focal point to any space.”